2 week BODY BLITZ challenge

Pick 5 days a week (6 if you are super committed). On these days you’ll eat healthier food (from the wellness list). This will make it easier for the Detox tea & slimming tea to breakdown the fat cells faster plus shrink your belly without adding extra calories from eating the wrong food.

Remember the #BodyBlitz is only for 2 weeks & has successful results so it’s worth the sacrifice. If you struggle at all, please do contact us.

Use the Bio slimming oil twice daily on any problem areas like the belly, waistline or thighs.

Guidelines for taking the DC wellness Tea ☕️

Slimming Tea you take before or with every meal (or 3 to 4 times a day) as it acts as fat blocker, suppresses appetite and reduces fat absorption while burning existing fat cells.

Detox Tea is good for taking 1st thing when you wake up on empty belly as it boosts metabolism & last thing before you go to bed (2 times a day) to reduce bloating and shrink your tummy.

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