Meet our October Challenge 2018 winner Ms. Birungi.

Her DC wellness journey started a few months ago as a size 14-16 and now she’s reached her goal of size 8-10. In her own words


“Thanks so much DC wellness. I didn’t think I would lose weight so fast with the Slimming tea & Detox tea. I had tried some expensive plan for over a year with a doctor in Kampala that made me so frustrated (and broke).

Since my weight loss I’ve now taken up a designing course seriously and my 1st project has been to reduce my former big dresses to fit me like the ones I’ve sent you in the photos. My big sister has also lost 4kgs and is still going strong, we do our 3 wellness days together and have encouraged our friends to join lol. God bless you” Ms Birungi K









Ms. CM started her wellness journey in May 2018.

“My belly has always been my problem area but it became worse after my 3rd baby. I tried so many different pills, waist trainers & diets but the problem just became worse. A pharmacist in Kololo, Uganda recommended the DC wellness slimming tea & detox tea. I started to see results within 3 weeks. I was so excited and followed the wellness plan on your Facebook page. My results have made me the happiest I’ve been. I have lost 14kgs & I want to lose 6kgs more so I can fit in my dress for my son’s baptism just before Christmas. Thanks for everything” Ms. C M









July 2018 DC wellness challenge

” My weight wasn’t always a problem but after I lost my job & my 7 year relationship ended at around the same time, I was so stressed out and begun to eat excessively. I just couldn’t control my appetite however much I tried. A friend recommended your detox tea because it had worked for her. I was quite doubtful about whether I would achieve the same results as her. I was pleasantly surprised. Within 2 weeks my appetite had shrunk. Within 8 weeks my stomach was the flattest it had ever been. I even lost the love handles that used to stick out of my jeans 🙂 thank you so much. I now drink the detox tea 5 times a week because I enjoy how cleansed my stomach feels. No more bloating”.









Name withheld by request.

“I have sent you my pictures because I want you to see the transformation you have helped me achieve. I am so glad that I joined the DC wellness June challenge. My weight loss has given me so much confidence and I now love my body. I don’t need to wear big baggy clothes anymore to hide the parts I felt embarrassed about. God bless you”

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