The Boa Vista, Renova SPA

The island of Boa Vista is the third-largest of the archipelago and the nearest to Africa. It is characterised by beautiful extensive beaches, palm trees and dune-littered landscapes. The island itself is not greatly developed and has that unspoiled raw charm.

The Boa Vista Renova SPA is located inside the Hotel Riu Touareg, which is a 5 star Hotel located  in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Hotel Riu Touareg

My  Renova Spa Experience

I arrived at the Renova Spa reception right in time for my appointment and I was met by friendly staff who gave me a tour of the Wellness Spa facilities.
Before my treatment I relaxed in a lounge area which has a jacuzzi and gorgeous terrace (The beauty therapist encouraged me to visit the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi prior to my massage so that it could enhance the effects of my treatments).

The Jacuzzi has a view of the stunning beach and was such a welcome indulgence on a beautiful sunny day.

The spa embraces aspects of nature making it both an outdoor and indoor experience.

The Treatment
The Cape Verde Combination Massage.
After receiving a brief description from the beauty therapist (Names withheld on request) about the different treatments and recommendations I chose the Signature Cape Verde Combination Massage as its famed for its quality relaxation and rejuvenation enhancement. The Combination Massage  includes both Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques.

I was escorted into a lovely dim lit room, where I was given some privacy to disrobe and instructed to lie on the massage table (face down) in preparation for my treatment. My beauty therapist was back shortly after. Her massage technique was firm yet relaxing keeping the pressure consistent on my back, arms and legs. The background music was calming and not intrusive. My therapist had that demeanour of an expert who has given the massage a number of times. She hardly spoke and that normally suits me (especially if it’s a repeat visit) but I would have loved her to explain in detail the products she was using and what she loves about the ingredients & their quality. After we concluded the face down session it was face-up time which was quite the experience with extra pampering for the face, neck and body overall.

DC Best Spa Rating 4.5/5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

Wellness seal of Approval ~ The Ambience and decor is excellent, the location by the beach is spectacular setting it a class apart from the average City Salon Spa, the staff are friendly and eager to please.

Spa Recommendations ~ A few suggestions would be on improving the information on the Spa Menu/Brochure as well as getting the beauty therapists to engage more with the clients about the details of the Wellness Products used.

Full Range of Services include over ten massages, special therapies, a variety of facials and body wraps that are suitable for all skin types. The Spa Menu. Hotel Riu Review… Coming soon.

The DCW seal of approval ~ I would definitely recommend. Cape Verde is a hidden little gem that is worth a visit and Renova Spa enhances the Wellness experience. DCx

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