DETOX TEA (DC wellness Tea)

Detox Tea works by helping to remove unwanted toxins from the body via the lungs, kidneys, skin and bowels, leaving you less bloated and keeps your body toxic free thereby enhancing weight loss in all the stubborn places.

Detox Tea boosts antioxidants and puts the body into a thermogenic state. Dietary thermogenesis or diet induced thermogenesis (DIT) is the process of energy production in the body caused directly by the metabolising of food consumed.

For “best results,” Detox tea should be consumed along with healthy balanced meals, and we highly recommend that you follow the DC wellness eating Plan (Here Acceptable healthy food list Have a minimum of 2 DC Wellness Days.

The Detox Tea also helps to regulate blood sugar levels and assist with the digestion of food. All of the ingredients in the tea are 100% natural, organic and have been researched and approved by some of London’s lead Nutritionists/ Weight loss experts.


How to take The Detox Tea?

Detox Tea comes in Two forms, Loose Leaf Tea (125g) or Tea Bags (14 Tea bags & 28 Tea bags)

For Loose Leaf Tea ~Put 1-2 Teaspoons in a cup, sieve or teapot.

For Tea Bags ~Put 1 tea bag in a cup.

Pour freshly boiled water over the loose leaf tea or tea bag.

Allow to infuse for 1-3 minutes depending on the strength that suits your palate.

If preferred sweet, use honey or a healthy sweetener NO Sugar or Milk.

For best results consume on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Get in touch with the DC wellness team for a personalised ‘wellness eating Plan’ and to follow up on your progress every after 7 days of consumption. Join us on our social media support pages (facebook Instagram, youtube) for daily help and motivation. DCx