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Another DC Wellness Day (D.W.D), yes it is Monday and it is time for the much anticipated or dreaded (if you over indulged on the weekend) weigh in. The results of a weigh in can either boost your morale or kill your motivation altogether. Before I knew how to weigh myself accurately I had lots of moments where I would get on the scale, hold my breath and hope it would stand still at a specific number but oh no… the *bleep thing kept moving extra numbers (doesn’t matter how much you suck in your belly 🙁
I can’t explain how awful I would feel after having that reading. All the hard work you have put in and no outstanding results…

Why does my weight reading change 3 or even 4 times a day?
Here’s the thing, weight does fluctuate at different times of the day. Most people cannot eat enough in a day or two to actually gain 2kgs /3kgs in that short space of time. If you are on your wellness days there is no way you are going to gain that weight. Varying food and water consumption plus having a bowel movement can all impact your body’s water composition and hence your weight fluctuation on the scale.

Fact… If you are doing the DC Wellness Days correctly you should be losing fat successfully… I want to show you how to weigh yourself correctly to avoid the disappointing high scale numbers which may have you run off the opposite direction to chow down a KFC bucket or any other unhealthy food in some form of ‘bad vicious cycle revenge’.
By learning the correct way to weigh yourself you can see the results of your hard work and keep your motivation level high.


  1. WHEN? First thing in the morning, before breakfast (Similar time every week, no more than twice a week).
  2. HOW? Take off your clothes, use the bathroom then stand on the scale and weigh yourself.
  3. WHY?This ensures consistency and eliminates the differences in weight at separate intervals of the day, variation in your outfits/clothes and what you have just eaten or drank.
  4. WHAT ELSE? Write this accurate number down and work hard to bring it even lower on your next weigh in session (by increasing your DC wellness days and eating mindfully on non-wellness days)


Invest in a new weighing scale that will give you accurate readings. I personally use a Smart Scales Precision Body Fat Analyser (because it accurately measures weight, body fat plus muscle, visceral fat and bone density automatically for the whole family, from 5kg up to 180kg.

I believe it is a worthwhile investment which you will always use to get you in the best shape and health. You can get it at the Best price below.


There are lots of budget friendly options that you can get at a discount here (click on the scale below for a DC Wellness Bargain).

Get that new scale and set off on the road to a slimmer healthier version of you.

Do not forget to send in your current weight readings on our Facebook Wellness support page. DCx