A DC WELLNESS DAY~ Combined with drinking Slimming Tea/ Detox Tea is The KEY to achieving positive successful and FAST WEIGHT LOSS.

A DC Wellness day is a day when you live each moment positively, mindfully and self-aware of your choices and the quality of your daily life. You get to choose what days are best suitable for you (I personally pick Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as they are less social days for me). I formulated DC Wellness days to focus on improving my Body, Mind and Soul. This in turn has helped me to lose weight effectively, improve my daily quality of life and to fulfill my projects/goals successfully.

IMPORTANT: For the Purpose of fast effective weight loss I strongly recommend that you incorporate atleast 2 or 3 DC WELLNESS DAYS. On these days you will drink DC wellness Tea (Detox Tea or Slimming Tea) and ONLY EAT from the ACCEPTABLE FOOD LIST

The 5 GOLDEN ingredients of A DC Wellness Day (aka) Things you need to make a Successful DC WELLNESS DAY

1 Nutrition ~ONLY EAT from the ACCEPTABLE FOOD LIST and focus on detoxing your body. Ensure you drink the recommended daily water intake (3.7 litres male, 2.7 litres female). I have provided the ACCEPTABLE FOOD LIST which you need to follow for a few days so as to enhance your weight loss and shrink your belly. I just need you to remember that this is not a negative restriction because on all OTHER DAYS/non-wellness days you can still eat/drink as you normally do.

2 Physical Self-improvement~ be 100% honest with yourself about areas of your body that you want to improve. Don’t be negatively critical. You have taken a massive step in recognising and accepting that you want to improve and that in itself deserves a massive pat on the back. If it is your appearance you want to improve, on a wellness day you make time to improve that specific physical aspect. It could be as simple as getting a haircut/style, getting a pedicure/manicure or incorporating some exercise in your day such as going to the gym. If you are not happy with your wardrobe or dress sense, on a wellness day look for specific proactive ways to improve it (no feeling sorry for yourself or negatively looking at other people around you or on social media and wishing you had someone else’s hair, wardrobe, nails, body…etc.).

3 Relationship Enhancement~ on a DC wellness day you should aim to positively improve your meaningful relationships. This doesn’t mean going out clubbing with your friends! Not at all, I mean simple but positive mindful steps. Try visiting or calling your mum/dad and listen to their stories without switching your brain to other activities ‘you think you should to be doing’. Make time to play with your children/nieces/nephews or teach them a new skill. Be100% engaged. It doesn’t have to be the whole day; focus on quality not quantity. Get back in touch with that one friend who makes you feel positive about yourself and plan an activity you both enjoy (this is not the day to wear them out with your problems, you’re trying to keep a positive vibe on the day). Perhaps it’s time to call Grandpa and make up for lost time. I could list countless scenarios but I want you to think positively and reach out to a meaningful relationship then nurture it.

4 Work/ Career Fulfillment~ On a DC wellness day you should focus on improving your career or figuring out what you want to be or do to be successful. Take the time to proactively look at specific ways you can enhance your career. It does not have to be the biggest change in one day, try and visualise where you want to be (the power of visualisation is key in achieving any type of success) then look at steps you can take to help you get there. I can guarantee you that within a year of undertaking this exercise you will have achieved far more than you ever imagined.

5 Marriage (Partnership) ~ I have given this a separate section from Relationships because I believe a good successful marriage requires specific attention. On a DC Wellness day take the time to appreciate your spouse/ partner and go back mentally to what first attracted you to them and why you chose to be together. Look at ways to nurture and bring back that closeness. With the daily ebb and flow of life it is very easy to drift apart if you do not work at it. This is not the day to nag or complain about the things that you want to change about your spouse or partner. Take all negativity away from this moment and mindfully spend time together, make each other laugh, pick an activity that does not involve food or distractions from waiters & or other people. Ideally pick an activity that involves just the two of you. YES after all that is how you started.