DC Positive Mindful Visualisation

DC Positive Mindful Visualisation is about reminding yourself that you have the power and control over your positive results. You must be self aware, honestly looking at your current situation (your weight, career or relationship) and recognising that there are aspects you want to change and YES you have the power to visualise where you want to be. We can get there together. I will help you to realise what your mind already knows but has become accustomed to being overpowered by your body (stomach).

DC Positive Mindful Visualisation – Breaking the Cravings

The following visual exercises will help you take control when you are tempted by wrong food choices and cravings, especially if you have been overweight for a while and you have lost the ability to fully control your choices.

Fact: your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have but you have to nurture it, nourish it and build it up, otherwise it becomes weaker and influenced by negative factors around you. What your mind believes you can achieve.

One of my clients was telling me how she knows deep down what healthy food is but once she’s at a buffet table, her favourite restaurant or on holiday she just can’t help herself. She immediately picks up all the junk food with the highest calories as it tastes so good. Her face would literally light up when she talks of her ‘favourite food’ and it’s clear to see that even if the food is not right there in front of her as she is describing it to me, she can actually visualise herself with her favourite plate of food, the aroma, the flavours all the things she can do with it, which sauce to put on, ketchup or chilli sauce… I could go on.

I totally understand the feeling because I’ve been there, enjoying the ‘fantasy of the food’ even before you get ‘your favourite plate of food’. Then it becomes your way of life, even when the food is not that great, your mind builds it up, even if you are not necessarily hungry, your mind starts to believe you will get pleasure out of eating this food. The truth is that ‘pleasure’ only lasts for a few moments, it is not like an achievement you can talk about and get a certificate or applause for. In the end it does make you overweight and unhappy.

I want you to imagine your own ‘favourite plate of food’… take your time, build it up to look as juicy, as delicious, as crunchy, as scrumptious … any descriptive word that will get you to think of this plate of food then add some toppings on it (if you need some help look at the images above).

Take back control, don’t let the Body bully the Mind.

Now that you’ve managed the 1st bit of visualising and imagining a ‘real situation’ I want you to try and take it further…
You receive a phone call from your boss (Imagine someone superior at work, in your social circle or  anyone you look up to) and he/she says they would like to take you out for dinner as a treat to your favourite restaurant. Save your appetite for the meal as it will be your ‘favourite plate of food’. You get to the fabulous restaurant which looks amazing. You feel happy and excited, looking forward to dinner with your boss as you haven’t eaten much all day. You meet him and he is not is not looking too well.

A waiter takes you food order and says he’ll be back shortly. Your boss then begins to tell you how he has been unwell for the past week with a stomach bug giving you his details of severe diarrhoea, the colour, the smell.

Finally the waiter walks back with your favourite plate of food, all the flavours you like, a massive portion of everything you wanted on that plate, cooked to perfection…

Your boss looks at you and says, you should start to eat before the food gets cold, then with no warning he wretches and vomits on one side of the table, some of it splashes onto your plate of food and you can see the  little white and yellow vomit liquid slowly oozing, dissolving and mixing with your food.  The waiter rushes back and swiftly cleans the table. Everything looks clean again, but that same plate of food is right in front of you. Your boss insists you should eat it. You feel the revulsion but he is getting angrier and insisting he spent a lot of money on the food and you are  disrespectful. He’s now shouting, getting irate and asking you to eat that food he even spits on it in the process… Then shouts some more ‘EAT THAT FOOD you IDIOT!!

I am almost sure that 99.9% of you would turn down this plate of food regardless of your circumstances. It would not matter how hungry you were or how scared you were of your boss you just wouldn’t find that food appetizing. Your mind has managed to take control and tell your body, your stomach and all of your being, that YOU DO NOT NEED that food at all. It is still the same food you came in craving but now your mind has taken control because it can see that the food is not right for you.

This visualisation exercise and many other scenarios I can give you to practice and replay, can help strengthen your mind. Especially when making food choices. Make positively mindful food decisions.

Ask yourself before every meal:
1. Will the food Nourish me or will it make me just gain more weight?

2.Am I really hungry or is my body just controlling my mind?

You can separate real hunger from silly cravings by drinking 3 glasses of water before every meal. If after the 3 glasses you don’t feel as hungry then just wait and decide to have a nourishing healthy meal when you do actually get hungry. DCX