The DC Wellness plan is a lifestyle approach designed to help you lose weight, get you to your ideal size and help you look and feel amazing.

After many years spent (or rather wasted) following the latest fad diets, losing weight only to gain it all and more back. I decided life was too precious to be wasted on bad habits and diets that did not bring me lasting results.

Through Nutritional studies I became more interested in Tea (especially Green tea) and organic natural herbs plus their fat burning properties.

I went further to research and learn the art of tea blending from the UK Tea Academy. The results on my body and my clients bodies have been amazing and long lasting.

Why the DC Wellness Plan (The DC Weight loss Plan) works and #Diets don’t.

Diets simply don’t work because they are not sustainable in the long run.

My goal was to create a sustainable eating plan that worked for me and my lifestyle while enabling me to lose weight. The DC Wellness Tea helped to speed up the results and I did not need to go to the gym.

I wanted to be able to live a happy social lifestyle (bearing in mind my culture’s view of food, eating for pleasure, celebration and family bonding) without feeling deprived or chained to the gym.

The DC Wellness Plan worked for me and has since helped my friends, family plus clients of different shapes and sizes achieve their ultimate weight goals.
If you are tired of the ‘vicious losing cycle’ that comes with extreme dieting or you are put off by hardcore gym sessions, the DC weight loss plan is the solution you’re looking for.

The DC Wellness Plan and the DC Wellness Tea will help you to break the vicious cycle

I do understand now more than ever that we are creatures of habit and what diets do is ask you to drastically change your eating habits, lose some weight and then look for ‘Willpower’ to sustain this.

If you fail it’s your fault because after all when you followed ‘said diet’ you lost some weight but when you couldn’t keep up with the diet you gained so much more weight. This burden is all on you…

“This is a very unfair assumption. I can’t help but compare it to you getting a ‘dream job’ in a country you have never lived in”.

You were excited by the promise of it all but when you get there, you find you are all alone, the environment feels new and hostile. You don’t speak the language, you don’t have the cosy family support and comfort you have been accustomed to.

So if you are then offered a free 1st class return ticket to your old job back home. Chances are you will head straight back where you feel safe and familiar.

The problem with diets is they are much more restrictive and unappealing compared to the ‘normal’ way you’ve been eating for years.

Fact! you are more likely to fail on a restrictive diet that omits your staple food without clear guidance on how to sustain the changes expected of you.

Sadly many people spend years believing they can never lose weight and it’s their fault or they were born to be fat. Now if only they had the right guidance and the perfect tools to support them on their weight loss journey. They would be happier, confident and positively healthy. Not only does being overweight affect one’s self esteem and confidence, obesity is one of the leading preventable causes of death.

How the DC Wellness Plan works.
With the DC Wellness Plan you get a free easy to follow eating plan, the guidance you need to help you through the challenges and you get DC Wellness Tea (organic natural herbal tea) to help break down the stubborn fat.

Your meal plans are personalised to fit with the food you eat currently. You do not need to change the items on your weekly food shop, or your home family menu. However you learn, again with my help to make a healthier choice and have atleast 3  DC WELLNESS DAYs (D.W.D) incorporated in your week.

I am the ideal weight I have always wanted to be and the best shape of my life (I was 85kgs and I lost over 30kgs on my DC WELLNESS PLAN ).

The New Mum Wellness Plan

After I had my 2 babies, I did not have time to go to the gym. I created the ‘New Mum Wellness plan’. This helped me shed the baby weight and keep it off  the healthy way.  I also still eat the food I love. Yes, I love food, am a self confessed foodie.

The DC Wellness plan is focused on helping not only your body but your mind too, making a wholesome healthier you.

I am proud to say not only has it worked for me and our clients, I truly believe it can work for you too.

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