Our organic DC wellness tea comes in Two forms, Loose Leaf Tea (125g) and Teabags (14 teabags & 28 Teabags)

LOOSE LEAF TEA (Detox Tea and Slimming Tea)



Our loose leaf tea has been specially selected and blended masterfully from the finest organic green tea, black tea and sumptuous healthy herbs. It is full bodied, rich and ready to drink in its rawest form. For the adventurous palette, you can add some fresh ginger to the tea, Lemon, African Basil (famously known as Mujaja in Uganda) or any natural herbs and spices to suit your taste. The loose leaf teas are packaged in 125g sizes for both Detox Tea and Slimming Tea.


TEA BAGS (Detox Tea and Slimming Tea)

14 Teabags

Our teabags contain all the same ingredients as the loose leaf tea and have been packaged into individual teabags for convenience. In addition they have been expertly created and infused with vibrant flavours including peppermint, lemon, African Basil.

The Tea bags are convenient, easy to carry and ready to drink. They come in 2 sizes. 14 Teabags and 28 Teabags for both Detox and Slimming Tea.

Our Organic DC Wellness Loose Leaf teas and Teabags have the same healthy Detoxing and Slimming effects. Get yours today and enjoy the wellness in every sip.

*For best results DO NOT drink with Milk or Sugar, use a healthy sweetener or a teaspoon full of honey if you prefer a sweet taste.

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