Löyly Helsinki – REVIEW 2017

Löyly Helsinki – Diana Crowley Wellness Tour.
The Sauna Culture is an essential part of every Finn, it is basically a part of their national identity. As the say, when in Rome… Or in this case when in Helsinki… It was only right to go to one of the most beautiful Saunas as part of my Helsinki, Diana Crowley Wellness tour.

Introducing Löyly

Löyly is a stunning architectural delight of a Sauna (and restaurant) set by the Helsinki waterfront, with great views of the sea.
The Name Löyly simply means the steam that comes when you throw water on hot stones in a sauna.
A Löyly Wellness Experience for me
I was right on time for my 6pm Sauna appointment. A two-hour booking for the sauna costs 19 euros and includes a towel, seat cover as well as soap and shampoo. As you enter you see the lovely restaurant and bar which have a great and welcoming open space. The vibe is friendly, tranquil and the spaces are dimly lit.
As per instructions I left my shoes in the cloakroom/wardrobe. I then headed to the sauna reception where the friendly staff gave me a towel and a key to my locker. A quick change in the dressing room (Dressing rooms and showers are separate for men and women) and I was ready to indulge in the authentic Finnish sauna experience.
In Finnish tradition this is the part where you get naked and off to the sauna. Luckily for me this is not the case in Löyly. Swimsuits are compulsory.

The facilities at Löyly are authentically Finnish, there is a steam sauna, and smoke sauna which I absolutely loved. There’s also access to ice cold sea if you are brave enough to jump in and cool off after the hot Sauna experience.
I chose to cool off with a chilled glass of wine and to dip my toe in the sea. Clearly am not the bravest of souls when it comes to freezing my bikini off.
The overall experience was amazing and was complimented perfectly by a lovely Finnish meal at the Löyly restaurant (A Blini to start and Reindeer fillet).

The DC Wellness Seal of approval (4.5 out of 5 stars) ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Finland is clearly the best place in the world to experience a sauna (seeing as it is indeed the country that invented it) Loyly Helsinki is the perfect location for a brilliant Sauna .
and organic their ethos is. In Loyly’s own words ‘it is our commitment to sustainable business and green construction that truly sets us apart. The environment has been our number one consideration throughout the project, informing everything from our choice of FSC certified building materials to our menu’. I would most definitely recommend.