Finland Sauna Experience








Finland Sauna Experience.

Passport Check, Bikini Check, Gloves Check… ready for destination Finland. At this time of the year (well pretty much most of the year) the sunny climes are non-existent in Finland, with temperatures of about 3 to 6 degrees. A good pair of gloves always comes in handy. Before you laugh off the bikini & send me to pick up my heavy coat. I’ll let you in on the Finnish Sauna culture. Am on my way to Helsinki to explore the healthy Finnish lifestyle and the tradition of Saunas (so it’s a yes to my bikini). A Sauna is very representative of Finnish people. They believe in its ability to cleanse the body, mind and soul. A subject close to my very own heart. This ‘sauna culture’ dates back to generations of Finns and is part of who they are, Children, Women and men all take part. There are almost 4 million Saunas in Finland. That is more than half of the total population of the entire Nation. Any self respecting Finn has no inhibitions about stripping and getting into the sauna without a single item of clothing. Yup, it is a full nudity kind of experience but in its purest form. Any type of innuendo or sexual talk/thoughts is massively frowned upon, it is simply not that kind of party. The idea is about friends, families and different people socialising in their sincerest form. You have nothing to hide (literally) when you are butt naked in close proximity with everyone plus 100 degrees heat. Phew… Am afraid this might be one of those situations where I’ll turn up knowingly overdressed (in my bikini) and not sure where to look (ceiling, floor, eyes wide shut?? ) I am very open minded and will try almost everything once. As a Finnish friend once told me, think of it as going to church and your mind will relax. Hmmm…not so sure… see at my local church if Reverend Michael turned up on a Sunday, began to strip and tell the congregation to free their minds in the purest form. He’d not only face a mass protest but he’d probably be forcefully escorted to a mental institution for psychiatric evaluation. Well, I’ll keep an open mind and see how this goes.



In Finland you’ll find Saunas in people’s homes, offices, hotels and even in state buildings. I’ll be exploring and finding out the health benefits while learning the ‘correct way’ to Sauna and achieve the best experience. I’ll also recommend my favourite places to go to for a brilliant Sauna, Spa, great Finnish cuisine and top 10 things to do in Helsinki. Now with my bags packed it’s time to catch that flight and I’ll get in touch from the other side. Wish me luck. DCx