Inviting you to the peaceful gorgeous haven that is Cape Verde.

With all the daily news that makes the world seem like a very unpredictable scary reality, Cape Verde is the perfect little getaway filled with charm & tranquility. This lovely island is home to just under 600,000 people. All so friendly, not greatly developed as most nations but therein lies the beauty. Slow paced with a joie de vivre like no other.

As an African I understand the need to create fast development & catch up with the global economy plus new growth. However so much is lost in the daily grind & it is lovely to find a little haven that is incorruptible & has its essence with love for nature, Sun, sea & enjoying the marvels of Mother Nature. Before you panic, they’ve got WiFi… so you can still bask in the Island life & take the proverbial selfie.

Am on day 3 of my trip and it’s safe to say am in love with Cape Verde. As a Wellness Coach it brings me such joy to be able to strip back all the daily grind & step away into this new reality. I’ll be exploring all the culture, health & most definitely wellness then bring you the insiders information. Live, love and discover more ways to enjoy the only thing we get one chance at… Life. DCx💙

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