Hello and Welcome. I am Diana Crowley, a London based Wellness Coach.

As a Successful Weight Loss and Wellness Coach, I wholeheartedly believe in everything positive that nurtures & improves the body, mind and soul. I am a strong believer in healthy living, wellness & the perfect balance of personal enjoyment/fulfilment. I have researched extensively on healthy Nutrition and Organic Products for effective & sustainable Weight Loss.

I founded my DC Wellness Plan which is a Lifestyle that keeps your body in great shape and health. Plus your mind and soul positively rejuvenated. I have helped my personal clients lose weight successfully and I have a facebook support group where I help my followers lose weight (for free) & give them my Wellness lifestyle tool kit. I also have a range of organic DC Wellness Tea that includes Detox Tea & Herbal Slimming Tea which helped me, my friends and my clients to shed any excess weight faster (used in conjunction with the DC Wellness Days).

As my clients would testify, I believe that everyone deserves to live a mindful lifestyle that ensures physical, emotional and mental Happiness. This means a perfect balance in wellness and enjoyment (It is very easy to lose yourself in the daily grind of work or family life, gain weight and then forget the person you used to be or the simple things that gave you personal contentment or pleasure).

Everyone needs a little reminder to Live a full life, you can have the body you always dreamed of and be the ideal weight for your body type. It is possible to enjoy the finer things… the best relationships, best food, best holidays without gaining all the weight and feeling unhappy with your size. I can help you achieve this. After all we only get one chance to live so why not live it as Well as we possibly could.

Personally am passionate about everything that revives the body, mind and soul. This includes fine food, great holiday experiences and wellness treatments which I blog about on my website and social networks (instagram, facebook and twitter). I also report my experiences to independent Wellness Magazines & Newspapers.

Join me today and start your own successful Weight Loss journey. The DC Wellness Plan is the perfect way to get the body you want, rejuvenate yourself , live a little and get that much needed boost … Spoil yourself, you deserve it. A little self love goes a long way. Love DCx